Spring Cleaning with Dropbox


It’s just that time of year for renewal. Spring for me means out with the old, in with the new. Spring is a time to get rid of clutter and re-organize.

I’m reorganizing my computer and workflow with Dropbox.

Dropbox allows me to easily transfer and share documents, images, and videos. I can access files online and offline, and use it to transfer files between my MacBook Pro and iPad. Dropbox allows me to organize, edit files and share them in a very secure environment.

The best feature of Dropbox is that it interacts with many different programs. I can update a file in one program knowing the changes are saved when I open it in another program.

First I started my reorganizing by looking at my Dropbox and client / business files and came up with a plan:

  1. Reorganize Dropbox by creating folders.
  2. Remove files from Dropbox that I don’t need to access on a regular basis.
  3. Move all client files to Dropbox enabling access from anywhere.
  4. Upload all client help documents and policy files (make them shared so I can email new clients the links in their welcome email).
  5. Continue to share large files with clients.
  6. Create an archive folder for inactive client files.
  7. Start emailing client correspondence to Dropbox, as attachments are saved as files.
  8. Backup any business and client related files to Dropbox.
  9. Set-up Dropbox as a Photo Gallery for clients to manage and approve images for their websites.
  10. Use WordPress Backup to Dropbox Plugin for all my web maintenance clients that use WordPress. It automatically backs up my clients website / blog on a schedule I set. Not only have I removed old client files from my computer to store on Dropbox, I am now using it to store their backups.

The free version of Dropbox starts off with 2GB of space and has an awesome referral system that allows you to increase without upgrading. You can gain 500MB of storage for every referral up to 18GB. You can also earn more space when you add Facebook (125MB), Twitter (125MB) or follow Dropbox on Twitter (125MB).
You can also upgrade Dropbox as well. They have different plans to suit your needs and budget.

Every business should be using Dropbox, it continues to make my life easier.

My Dropbox referral link

How do you use Dropbox?